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Specialty Procedures

Ethnic Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Dr. Toriumi is an expert in Asian and other forms of ethnic rhinoplasty. Often, these patients have a deficiency in tip support and dorsal height. Dr. Toriumi strives to create a natural look and uses computer imaging to discuss a proposed aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Toriumi does not believe in a standard aesthetic and, therefore, does not adhere to one aesthetic goal in rhinoplasty.  He listens to each patient’s request and works with each one individually using 3-D computer imaging to ensure he is certain about what you want and to come to an agreement. Being that you mostly view yourself from the front and that is often how others see you as well, Dr. Toriumi prefers that your nose look good from the front.

Dr. Toriumi also feels it is critical for your nose and other facial features to be in balance.  If you have a weak chin, for example, he may suggest a chin augmentation to help balance your nose.

Dr. Toriumi will develop a customized plan with you by doing the following.

  • He evaluates your skin

  • He considers your ethnicity

  • He uses 3-D computer graphic imaging

  • He incorporates your ideas and an extensive worksheet

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