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Dean Toriumi

Dean Toriumi, M.D. receives amazing reviews.

Read what patients have to say about the care they received and how their lives are better.

"One month out of surgery and my life has been transformed. Prior to surgery I was insecure and unhappy. (After surgery)  I'm more outgoing, I feel confident and I'm able to enjoy life."

"I lived with a deformed nose since 1990, after 3 previous rhinoplasties. I never thought it would be possible to have what Dr. Toriumi has blessed me with. He is beyond brilliant."

"After a long journey with multiple rhinoplasties that had not gone well, I knew I only had one more chance. I needed a surgeon with a high level of expertise. Dr. Toriumi exceeded my expectations and I am so very grateful for his help. I can finally put this past me in life and move on. He was able to do exactly what I wanted and needed. If you’re considering Dr Toriumi, he won’t disappoint. Don’t make the mistake of going to someone else, especially if you have had multiple surgeries already. Dr. Toriumi is an expert and the best in his field."

"I wish more people knew about Dr Dean Toriumi. I’m a well known dermatologist in Los Angeles. I had secondary rhinoplasty with him and broke my nose years later and he fixed that too. There’s no one in the country who does work like him. Pat Golden, his nurse, is so amazing I love her. If you want your nose to look natural, symmetrical, and elegant, go to him. I’m so lucky that a plastic surgeon referred me to him, knowing he’s the best and he couldn’t perform the miracles Toriumi can. I am forever grateful he’s truly the leader in rhinoplasty."

"Dr. Toriumi, in my opinion, is the best plastic surgeon in Chicago. His office provides excellent customer service with ease in making appointments and friendly, skilled and helpful employees. It is in a great location in the Gold Coast with discounted parking in the building."

"Dr. Toriumi and his staff are fabulous. I'm a OR/pediatric intensive care nurse who was born with a good looking nose that was severely damaged and disfigured. He reconstructed my nose and now it's naturally beautiful, structurally strong, and functioning. No more headaches, breathing difficulties or nasal sprays. My nose is a work of art. This surgery was the best decision of my life. Dr. Toriumi is talented, skilled, and world renowned. If you require nasal surgery save yourself the trouble and choose Dr. Toriumi. He's the very best. My word on it."

Why should you choose Dr. Toriumi?

Dean Toriumi, M.D. is a uniquely skilled, board certified facial plastic surgeon, highly sought-after and known worldwide for his expertise in rhinoplasty surgery.  


Dr. Toriumi and Toriumi Facial Plastics offer world-class care for a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures.  You will experience the highest quality care provided by a surgeon and team with unmatched credentials and success, mastered over more than 30 years of attentive, patient-focused care. 


Your treatment plan will be customized to your individual needs to ensure excellent long-term results delivered in a comfortable, professional environment.  At every step, we are your partner in reaching your desired outcome and maintaining the look you seek.  


Every detail of our work is about meeting our patients’ needs because your satisfaction is what matters most.  ​

Learn more about Dr. Toriumi and our services. Call to arrange a consultation with Dr. Toriumi.  Your health – and peace of mind – will be in very good hands.

Dr. Toriumi is highly regarded by peers.

Dr. Toriumi's work with functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty has earned him national and international recognition from his patients and peers alike. 

Dean Toriumi

Dr. Toriumi is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is an expert in complex facial plastic surgery procedures. He can tackle any challenge.

Dean Toriumi

With more than 30 years of experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Toriumi is considered one of the top 5 rhinoplasty surgeons in the world and overall one of the best doctors in America by his colleagues and patients.

Dean Toriumi

Dr. Toriumi has authored or coauthored more than 125 peer-reviewed papers and books during his career as a facial plastic surgeon and has given hundreds of presentations, demonstrations, and lectures to peers all over the world..

Dean Toriumi

Dr. Toriumi rated highly by Dr. Nassif of "Botched."

Dr. Nassif of the hit show "Botched" is also a plastic surgeon and entrusted Dr. Toriumi with his rhinoplasty. Hear how immensely satisfied he is with the results.

Dr. Toriumi has given his patients the best outcomes.

All of Dr. Toriumi's patients receive customized solutions to improve their overall appearance and confidence.


How does a Dr. Toriumi determine if I am a good candidate for surgery?  

If you are in good health, typically you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. Of course, Dr. Dean Toriumi will give you a thorough health evaluation to ensure you are fit to undergo surgery. During your consultation, it’s important that you honestly go over your medical history. Dr. Toriumi also wants you to communicate your expectations, plastic surgery goals, and concerns. He will go over what you can realistically expect and how you can best prepare for surgery. 

What is the difference between facial plastic surgeons performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

Dr. Toriumi, performs a variety of procedures for a variety of reasons. Cosmetic surgery reshapes normal structures of the body to improve appearance and confidence. It’s usually not covered by insurance because it is elective. Reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, is performed because the natural structures of the body are negatively affected by defects, disease, infection, or other reasons. Dr. Toriumi treats both kinds of patients, but the result is always the same: they love the way they look. Toriumi Facial Plastics can help you love the way you look, too. Call now for a consultation and to start on the road to confidence and self-esteem today. 

What is the recovery from facial plastic surgery like?

As with all medical procedures, your recovery from surgery depends on your body and how closely you follow the Dr. Toriumi's instructions. As far as pain is concerned, each patient will handle and tolerate the pain in different ways. But you don’t have to worry about pain levels becoming unbearable. Dr. Toriumi will prescribe the appropriate types and quantities of pain medication so that you can recover both safely and comfortably. Most of our patients report minimal discomfort in the post-op period. 


Why should I trust Dr. Toriumi to be my facial plastic surgeon? 

You won’t find a more qualified or respected plastic surgeon. Dr. Toriumi has more than three decades of experience in facial plastic surgery, is board-certified in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and has co-authored more than 125 peer-reviewed papers and books during his career as a facial plastic surgeon. On paper, he is the absolute best plastic surgeon you can get. But Dr. Toriumi and his team go above and beyond what’s expected of them as far as bedside manner and patient care are concerned. They know that your face is the most personal part of who you are. When people think of you, they think of what your face looks like. Your face is a huge part of your identity as an individual. For that reason, Dr. Toriumi takes the utmost care to listen to your needs, wants, and concerns. He listens to what you love—and what you don’t love—about yourself, and then he provides solutions that help you love every part of your face. His world-renowned surgical techniques combined with his unmatched patient care and compassion make him your top choice for facial plastic surgeons. If you’re ready for a change and want the best surgeon in the industry, call now.   


Is facial plastic surgery safe? 

Like any medical procedure, there are risks associated with facial plastic surgery. To reduce your risks, Toriumi Facial Plastics employs highly professional medical staff to give you the best possible outcome. The best way you can prepare for a safe and successful surgery is to follow Dr. Toriumi's instructions. Follow all pre- and post-operative guidelines and be totally transparent about your medical history, physical and emotional well-being, and anything else you think might affect your surgery or your results. One of the ways you can work toward a safe procedure is to take every precaution to prepare your body for surgery and then take care of your body afterward.


What are my payment options with Dr. Toriumi?


Here at Toriumi Facial Plastics, we know how your life can be completely changed when you love yourself. For that reason, we do our very best to make sure all of our patients knows their options and what to expect financially when they come to us for care. Our friendly staff will walk you through the payment process so nothing will take you by surprise. Please give our offices a call and we can walk you through your options.


How can my facial plastic surgeon help me minimize swelling and bruising? 

Because facial plastic surgery is just that—surgery—you can expect your body to bruise and swell as it heals. However, there are steps you can take to ensure the healing process is as smooth as possible. Before surgery, you’ll have consultations with your plastic surgeon where he will tell you the best ways to care for your body up to the surgery date. How you prepare your body will greatly affect your recovery, including bruising and swelling. After surgery, you’ll receive more post-op instructions. The most common mistake patients make in the recovery process is rushing along their healing, often because of unreasonable expectations. Your body has just undergone a major operation. It needs time to rest and heal. If you don’t give yourself time, you will increase bruising and swelling and put yourself at risk for hurting yourself even further. 

What does post-operative care look like with Dr. Toriumi? 

Every patient is different, as is post-op care and the healing process. For most of our procedures and patients, you undergo an outpatient procedure and are home the same day. While with us, you will be cared for by a team of expert and compassionate staff. If you are able to go home and have someone there to care for you, Dr. Toriumi will send detailed instructions on how to clean the procedure site and what you need to do to heal best according to your specific situation. 

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